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New Beginnings

The Spartan Basketball program has seen its share of changes since Francis Howell Central opened in 1997.  However, the program has never seen a significant change like it experienced this past year.  Larry Anders, the only head coach in Spartan basketball history, retired at the end of last season after posting a 17-10 (6-4 GAC South) record and losing a tough district championship game to Hazelwood Central 57-56 in the final seconds of the contest.  The Spartan basketball community is forever in debt to Coach Anders, and we wish him well in his retirement!

Brian Cissell will be taking over the Spartan basketball program after coaching along side Larry Anders for over twenty years.  Brian has spent more than 35 years in the Francis Howell School District.  He was a student in the district during grade school, attended Hollenbeck junior high, and graduated from Francis Howell High school in 1989.  During his days at Francis Howell High he was a three sport athlete (football, basketball, and baseball) and a member of the National Honor Society.  After graduation, Brian played baseball in college and earned his degree from the University of Missouri- St. Louis.  After earning his degree, Brian taught in the St. Charles School District for a year.  Afterwards, Brian came back to the Francis Howell School District to teach at Hollenbeck Middle School and coach baseball at Howell North.  After two years at Hollenbeck, he was hired to teach and coach at Howell Central the year the school opened in 1997.  Since that time, Brian has been an assistant basketball coach at Howell Central for twenty-one years coaching all three levels within the program  In addition, Brian has spent twenty-three years as an Assistant Baseball coach, three years as the Head Softball coach, two years as an Assistant Football coach,  and one year as an Assistant Girls Basketball coach.  Brian was named the GAC South Softball Coach of the Year in 2013.  Coach Cissell’s commitment to Francis Howell Central, his passion for molding and developing young men, his leadership within the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and his resume of coaching more than fifty seasons in the district proves his true love and passion for Francis Howell Central High School and the Francis Howell School District community.  We are excited to have Coach Brian Cissell as the new head basketball coach, and look forward to the next chapter in Howell Central Spartan basketball history.  



In every community, there are those who are average. Citizens who are content just being a part of the masses. However, to others that is just not good enough. Some long to be part of something that is great, something that is special, and something that exceeds being normal. These are the kind of people that have a desire to bring a lasting change to the world. These are the ones who choose to live their life by a different code. In the Spartan world, those who choose to live by the virtues of the code sacrificed everything for the good of all. The Spartan Code was renowned for creating a kind of citizen that exemplified excellence. If a Spartan was coming home after a battle, or offering charity to an elder, the code demanded appropriate behavior:

Asked why it was dishonorable to return without a shield and not without a helmet, the Spartan king, Demaratos (510 - 491) is said to have replied: "Because the latter they put on for their own protection, but the shield for the common good of all." (Plutarch, Mor.220)

An old man wandering around the Olympic Games looking for a seat was jeered at by the crowd until he reached the seats of the Spartans, whereupon every Spartan younger than him, and some that were older, stood up and offered him their seat. The crowd applauded and the old man turned to them with a sigh, saying "All Greeks know what is right, but only the Spartans do it."

THIS is what the ancient SPARTANS were committed to do…they always defended their honor…pushed for excellence...and upheld their code:

  1. Never abandon your post on the battlefield. Never flee. Never surrender.
  2. You must sacrifice for the welfare of all.
  3. Stand up and fight through adversity others are unwilling to endure.
  4. Live for the moment of glory that each day provides.
  5. Never compromise the Code.


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